Directions in Brew Consistency

James Hoffmann in Three Things I’m Working On:

The common theme between all this is not that I want to automate the barista out of a job, but that I want to make getting to great coffee more easily. I’m tired of fighting coffee, I’m tired of serving coffee that we know could be better and I’m tired of drinking disappointing coffee as a customer.

Many of those prominent in the coffee industry around the world are currently attending the HOST Expo in Milan (see this article on Sprudge for an explanation of HOST), and there are many new equipment releases and project updates surfacing as a result. Any for the amateur home roasters out there? I think not, however the above article by Hoffmann does point to the direction those striving to improve brew consistency are headed – even greater temperature control and more accurate brewing by weight.

Interesting times ahead. I think we would all applaud the last sentence in the above quote.

I highly recommend James’ blog if you enjoy thoughtful, well written articles on the coffee industry.

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