As the Dust Settles – my RSS setup

Leading up to the shutdown of Google Reader on July 1, I gave consideration to a number of options regarding where I would turn for my RSS feed source, and whether this would in turn lead to a change in my reader of choice.

Now almost a week later, I believe I have things pretty well sorted out for my needs. Feedly’s free service has been working well as my feed source, and though their style of reader does the job well, I prefer a slightly different interface when reading my articles. As far as the performance of the free service is concerned, I have had no problems at all. Many ‘power users’ will most likely prefer the advanced features of a paid reader such as Feed Wrangler or Feedbin, however Feedly has done everything as expected for my usage pattern.

So, the readers (my consumption is entirely on iOS – I have no need for a Mac or PC application)…

iPad – Mr Reader

Mr Reader screenshot

At least 90% of my RSS feed consumption is done through my iPad, as I generally have enough time when connected to WiFi either early in the morning or evening to sync and get through my feeds (which generally number around 80–100 articles per day on average). The key features I require? Simply a UI that is appealing to me, and easy sharing, scrolling and an article view I can customise. As I have just listed features of every available reader, the choice then comes down to the overall style of the reader, and Mr Reader fits the bill here nicely.

Mr Reader. 2

iPhone – Reeder

Reeder Screenshots

Reeder had been my iPad reader of choice for some time leading up to this change, however does not at this time have Feedly support (I believe the app has been pulled from the App Store whilst under further development). A recent update to the iPhone app now integrates Feedly support, and on the odd occasion when I do use my phone to catch up on articles, Reeder does the job well, and I find the UI very well designed for use on the iPhone.

Reeder Screenshots


With the many services out there available for both the ‘feed’ and the ‘read’ end of RSS consumption, there is a great opportunity to try a few combinations and find a set up which suits your needs. Whilst the above system may not be for everyone, the interfaces and functionality are spot on for me at the current time. Let me know in the comments below of the system you have settled on, and how well it is working for you.

A reminder – you have until 15 July to export your list of feeds via Google Takeout, and if you haven’t done so already or migrated to another service I would strongly recommend doing so.

Via the App Store:

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