A short, long story

The concentrated focus of a good espresso provides many things. A 25ml expression of every step from plant to cup. For many years my preferred method of afternoon brew, however as time goes on I am drawn towards the longer form brewing methods again.

Perhaps this is due to the proliferation of techniques such as pour over, siphon, chemex, and the like in recent times, or my own desire to experience the unique flavour profiles of single origin beans in a more subtle form. Most likely the latter, as access is one thing, but gaining deeper experience in home roasting provides a natural push towards a more mindful assessment of the output.

One method of brewing a long cup is the Aeropress, an ingenious method of brewing that, although very simple to use, has its own World Championships, the most recent of which has just concluded in Melbourne, Australia. Hit the World Championship link to check out the recipes of the top three place getters.

A more detailed review of my Aeropress brewing method will follow at a later date.


5 thoughts on “A short, long story

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