Finally… something to say

“Of course you have to do it dad, we all are.”

With those words became what you, the reader are now working your way through. That is, the family are all “blogging” in some way, shape or form. So simply write and publish right? Sure… but no. Both the idea and plan for this blog were developed some time ago. Even the name is months old.

Perhaps my exceptional ability to over-plan to the point of under (never?) delivering may finally be put to rest as some content goes out on this site. Or it may just take a nap here and there… after all, I am not prepared to disclose how many drafts and re-writes have already occurred on this, my initial post.

The exact path for this journey is yet to be fully mapped out. I see many directions we can take – “we” assuming you, the reader, will remain until such time as this site produces a few more posts than this initial effort. A further assumption suggests that those posts will be somewhat interesting to those prepared to read them.

There are a few places I would like to visit on these pages:

Productivity and Self-Development

The basis for the name of this blog. An area where I have had more … not failure per se – probably frustration would be more accurate, than outright success. I guess the philosophy that if things came easy they would be less worthwhile and appreciated rings true here.

I’d like to share some of the challenges, successes, and the many, many resources that I have discovered along the way that may assist your own journey.

Hopefully these insights will provide the basis for some incremental changes to help you generate some real momentum (there it is) for your own development.

Things of Interest

Here is where things get a little more interesting, fun, and at times costly!

Pens and paper – analogue tools that are truly a delight to use, and should always have their place in an ever increasing digital world. This may be anything from Mont Blanc to Moleskine and everything in between. there is also no better place to start than the Pen Addict.

Coffee – all things beans, roasting, brewing and cupping. A long held interest that is now beginning to branch out further as I expand my horizons and seek to learn a few more skills that will take me closer to the ultimately unachievable perfect brew. Not surprisingly then, fuelling the words in this very post are the results of an Aeropress brew of a very impressive medium roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

Digital tools – though locked into the bland wasteland that is a corporate office Windows based network; the escape that is a seamless and rock solid iOS platform becomes more interesting by the day – plenty to learn and share here !

Gadgets – the majority of posts are planned to fit the categories listed above however a general “other” bucket always has its place; perhaps this should be called the second drawer.

Health and Fitness – you will certainly not see any word spoken here about a quest I have set to run a marathon or the like. Whilst a noble pursuit, that is certainly not something for me. Here there will be snippets, links, and hopefully a little bit of information that is both useful and easily applied.

Oh, and by the way, as I mentioned at the top if this post, my family are the biggest inspiration I have, and you should probably check out their blogs too – My Wife, son, and daughter here and here.

Until next time…

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