Pour Mason Kickstarter Project


I’ve recently purchased a Hario V60 pourover filter and will soon write about my brewing method, however this recently caught my eye via Tools and Toys. It is a Kickstarter campaign looking to manufacture a pourover filter cone that attaches to a Mason jar. It is quite close to reaching its funding goal and looks a certainty to be manufactured.

The attraction for me? I am always looking for ways to brew that provide me with a portable way to carry the result, as I would prefer something that I can run out the door with rather than have to transfer into a bottle or alternative container. A small step I know, though one that I am always looking to avoid where possible.

Also, the beauty of the pourover method being that with an appropriately shaped cone and decent filters, it suits a wide variety of materials and vessels in which to capture the resulting brew. Furthermore, with the same ‘user’ technique, the results should be fairly consistent regardless of the manufacturer.

This is a great way to brew and then consume your favourite coffee either hot or cold, and is well worth a look, with 27 days remaining in the campaign.

Image courtesy Pour Mason.I would also check out the short videos the guys have put together on the site.

CoffeeNotes App

Rarely a day goes by these days without numerous crowd funding projects commencing campaigns to achieve their targets. Most of them have not really been my thing, and I have yet to pledge backing to any projects as of writing this post.

Today I have stumbled upon an app that has been in development for the past year or so which is seeking funding on Kickstarter. Development has progressed over this time on the Android version of CoffeeNotes, with a funding target of $20,000 required by August 8, with $570.00 so far pledged. Somewhat tantalisingly, as an iPhone user, the iOS version will be developed after the Android version, when the somewhat ambitious stretch goal of $80000 is reached. I am not sure what happens if the Android funding goal is reached and the iOS not, however perhaps this may change once the app is in (Android) use.


According to the developer:

CoffeeNotes performs coffee analysis on a smartphone so you can brew that perfect cup of coffee and share your recipes with the world.
Never before has it been possible to perform coffee grind analysis on a mobile device equipped with a camera.

Part of the sharing features of the app will involve an open API to allow cloud based data collection and analysis for more accurate brew modelling. The unique feature involves analysis of your grind through a photo taken by the smartphone camera. This is best explained in the summary video on the CoffeeNotes site.

On the balance of things, this is something I will support once I decide on which level to pledge. Should you back this too? That is a question only you can answer, however it is worth a look (with a nice summary video) if you are enthusiastic about your coffee.