Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesdaya weekly link to posts of interest from around the web:

The humble Oxford comma – who would have thought a style of punctuation would deserve so much attention. Incidentally though, one I had not realised was ‘a thing’ until hearing it mentioned during an episode of the compelling series Boss, starring Kelsey Grammer, who, as mayor of Chicago didn’t rate the humble mark. A poll of Americans and their thoughts on the Oxford comma, thus:
Elitist, Superfluous, or Popular? We Polled Americans on the Oxford Comma
(Yes FiveThirtyEight, I see what you did there)

For those very analogue, and perhaps a little GTD minded, comes a filing system which utilises a good deal of both (via The Cramped). Although it may be attractive to some, I can see things perhaps becoming a little unwieldy if unleashed without due care:
The Pile of Index Cards system

Unclutterer again, this time a method I have been using for some time now – simply without the name, however I am now happy to say “what? – the Noguchi system – you’ve never heard of it? Oh I’ve been using it for years”

I would say 95% of my workplace filing these days is of the digital kind, however what remains fits nicely into one office filing drawer. My utilisation of this system occurred simply through returning files to the front of my drawer, always with the intention of “eventually organising this better”. Of course this organisation never came, and the system has a name – thanks to Mr Noguchi Yukio (who is incidentally a Japanese economist):
The Noguchi filing system

Pens! Paper! Pencils!
Is anyone out there really still searching for a great mass-produced cheap office pen that performs well? Of course we are, and the Pilot Juice is another contender. It sounds as though Ian has tested quite a few colours along the way so far. Three tip sizes and considerably more colour options – certainly worth a look:
Pilot Juice gel ink pen review

The Newsprint
One link to a cheap mass-produced pen deserves another. I give you a review of the Pilot G–2 0.5mm by Josh at The Newsprint. I’ve written before about my thoughts on the 0.7mm G–2, and had hoped the finer version might be an improvement, though judging by this post, perhaps not:
Pilot G2 Extra-Fine Retractable Pen

Finer Things in Tech
I have been using Due as a reminder app for longer than I can remember, and having tried many others I keep coming back. It came as a surprise (to me at least) to learn if contacts are added to a task, swiping the task will show the usual action options for the particular contact. What did not come as a surprise was learning this tip from the Finer Things in Tech – a site we all should follow:
Due lets you message, email, call contacts involved with your tasks

~ PD.

Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a weekly link to posts of interest from around the web:

The Unroyal Warrant
A new Field Notes colours release always brings a good degree of interest around the web. This, a unique one in that we have a larger sized notebook in a two pack rather than the traditional 3 pack of pocket-sized notebooks. I’m really looking forward to getting some of these myself, however in the meantime, some thoughts from The Unroyal Warrant:
Field Notes Arts and Sciences Edition Review

Office Supply Geek
Whilst we are on notebooks, a look at the new limited edition 80 Year Anniversary Rhodia Ice notebook range from Brian at Office Supply Geek:
Rhodia Ice 80th Anniversary Notepad

The Writing Arsenal
OK – last notebook link. Writing Arsenal Tim with his Field Notes Shelterwood Review, concluding this particular edition is not a pocket notebook:
Field Notes: Shelterwood

From The Pen Cup
Of course we also need something with which to write in these notebooks. This is a great post from Mary describing how impressions of a pen can change markedly depending on paper and proposed/actual use. When I purchase my Metropolitan will it be M or F?:
Too fine?! The Pilot Metropolitan/Lizard/Fine nib

Gourmet Pens
I’ve been using my trusty Retro 51 Tornado (all black Stealth model) for a good while now, and hadn’t really been in the market for another, however the colour of this Kiwi model is enough to make me reconsider. Azizah at Gourmet Pens appears to be a fan as well:
Review: Retro 1951 Classic Lacquer Tornado

Chambers Daily
With the ever increasing number and size of apps, along with the amount of photo and video we all take these days putting a significant strain on a 16GB device, a nice guide from Bradley Chambers on managing this precious space:
How to Free Up Space On iOS

World Aeropress Championships
The World Aeropress Championships took place in Rimini, Italy last weekend, alongside the World Barista Championships (congratulations to Hidenori Izaki for becoming the new WBC). Give Japanese and WAC Winner Shuichi Sasaki’s recipe a run for yourself. Perhaps a return to the traditional, non-inverted style of brewing may be the order of the day?:
Shuichi Sasaki’s WAC winning recipe

I’ve been a long time user of Launch Center Pro on my iPhone, and am currently setting up some actions on my iPad. A recent update of the app to version 2.3 saw IFTTT integration added, greatly expanding LCP’s ability to trigger automated web recipes in addition to the URL scheme actions that have long been at its core. Macstories also has a fantastic guide to getting started with LCP, a link to which appears early in the article:
Launch Center Pro 2.3 Extends iOS Automation


Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a weekly link to posts of interest from around the web:

The Cramped
Do you have a particular note taking system (of the handwritten kind)? If not, a round-up of a few popular methods that may be worth a try:
Paper Based Markup Systems

Bean Brewding
Much of the opinion on specialty filter coffee brewing centres around devices such as the Hario V60, Kalita Wave, Chemex and the like. A simple old drip filter – could you? Would you? Local Brisbane guys Bean Brewding gave it a shot, and here are the results:
Can You Make Great Coffee in a Drip Filter Coffee Machine?

Somewhat lost amidst the WWDC hype was an update to one of my most used apps, in the form of Editorial 1.1. This is a significant update to the iPad version, however also brings the app to the iPhone as well. As usual, Federico Viticci leaves nothing unturned in a review:
Editorial 1.1: Another Step Forward for iOS Automation

While you’re there, Unread (my iPhone RSS reader of choice) is now available for iPad, and you can read Federico’s impressions. For me, I will probably stick with Mr Reader at the current time, as my workflows for viewing and sharing/saving articles are pretty well sorted. I cannot speak highly enough of Unread’s minimalist interface for iPhone however:
Unread for iPad Review

The Fountain Pen Quest
Having just opened a mail order package from Pen Chalet containing a new Pelikan M205, my thoughts turned to which ink would fill it first. Coincidentally, after setting my bottle of Montblanc Midnight Blue down (a long time favourite), I checked my Twitter feed and up popped a great review of this very ink from Ray at The Fountain Pen Quest. I’d certainly agree on this point:

I can’t quite place why I like this ink so much so I’m calling it “character.”

Ink Notes: Montblanc Midnight Blue

New York Times
No surprises here. None of us really thought writing by hand was simply a form of expression (I hope!). A few words on just how important hand writing is to a developing brain:
What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades

The Well-Appointed Desk
Although a vibrant fountain pen ink looks fantastic on a blank page, over at the Desk, Ana has some downloadable PDF templates for use underneath a blank sheet of paper, providing the lines many of us could (or at least should) not do without:
Turn a Blank Notebook into a Lined Notebook


Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a weekly link to posts of interest from around the web:

The Gentleman Stationer
I posted a few thoughts on some of the pen cases from Nock Co. myself, but a trilogy it was not. A great three-part “mega” series on these very products:
Nock Co. Three Part Mega Review: All the Cases, Part I
Nock Co. Mega Review: All the Cases, Part II
Nock Co. Mega Review Part III: Hightower and Brasstown

David Smith
Although I personally tend to seek out cafes to try when travelling, here is a nice in-room option if that is your thing (thankfully in Australia, kettle not required):
My Travel Coffee Kit

The Clicky Post
Although not unique to this AL Sport stone washed version, I have often thought about the shape of my Kaweco Sport and Ice Sport models in the same way:

Almost like you’re not sure whether it is “attractive” or not, but it draws you in and definitely has a beauty all it’s own.

In any event, some great images (and review) demonstrating a masterstroke (in my opinion) of pen body design and finish:
Kaweco Al Sport Fountain Pen Stonewashed Edition

Pens! Paper! Pencils!
Ahh…of course. The Retro 51 Tornado – a long time Pen Addict Podcast staple. A great review by Ian (as usual), which also reminds me I must seek out the Schmidt P8126 refill and given it a spin in my own Stealth model:
Retro 51 Tornado rollerball review

A reminder of times gone by and what the future might bring. My solution to solving the Rubik’s cube as a kid was unfortunately the pull apart and reassemble method:

Asian Efficiency
It’s all about the OmniFocus 2 for Mac upgrade recently, and I have no hesitation in recommending the update if you currently use this task management programme. I much prefer the new interface, however perhaps this may come from using the iOS versions exclusively for 18 months prior to purchasing the Mac version.

In any event, for those who were not involved in the Beta testing (let’s face it, if you were, you wouldn’t be reading this blog) and OmniFocus 2 is all new to you, I found this 13 minute video from AE immensely helpful to point out the key changes, and the drag and drop workaround is a nice touch – definitely worth a look:
The Differences Between OmniFocus 1 and OmniFocus 2 for Mac

Simplicity Bliss
Speaking of OmniFocus, a nice round-up of a number of reviews and guides out there to help you on your way:
The Big OmniFocus 2 For Mac Round-Up

Wiser Web Wednesday

Wiser Web Wednesday – a weekly link to posts which piqued my interest from around the web:

James Hoffmann’s thoughts on creating a new occasional coffee magazine:

…most publications were more focused on the trade side of things rather than trying to tell the stories we have to the interested members of the coffee drinking public.

Though the print copy looks fantastic, I ordered the eBook version and believe me, this publication is a great read (independent writing; no ads). Check out more details and links to ordering options here:
Introducing Longberry Magazine

The Cramped
Continuing a recent stream of thought on penmanship, might I say ease up on the grip and pressure people! Your stone paper notebook in particular will thank you:
Penmanship for the Heavy Handed

Pens! Paper! Pencils!
If you are looking to get some reasonably priced vintage fountain pens, Parker is a decent place to start. A great review from Ian and some really impressive photos as well:
Parker 45 fountain pen review

Speaking of reasonably priced pens, a new best entry-level pen? Now available in an F as well as M nib, the Pilot Metropolitan makes a play for this title. A well-balanced , well written review:
Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen Review

The Well-Appointed Desk
If you need any more convincing, another favourable review of the Metropolitan:
Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen Review

Originally I’d planned to give the final word to The Cramped (who you should really follow on Twitter), for one of my favourite quotes of recent times:

Should I lose all my important writing, I’d prefer being able to say it died in the flames of an unquenchable fire, or the merciless gusts of a tornado, or rapids of river water beating down the front door during a flash flood. If the writing matters at all to me, it deserves something a little better than, “I forgot to press Ctrl-S.”

However in saving the above to my Quotebook (a fantastic app for doing just that – saving quotes), I noticed some exciting news – Quotebook 3 is on the way, which is a complete redesign by developer Lickability for iOS7 (iPhone and iPad). You can sign up to be notified, however I will most likely write-up my impressions here once it is released. In the meantime, the current version has been pulled from the App Store:
Quotebook 3: Coming Soon